Ken Livingstone an expression of personal freedom £230K raised

Art is always political - at the least it is an expression of personal freedom but if it asks pertinent questions it can also change the way we see and relate to others and the world. The potential to make and experience art is a basic human need - it should be a right. Antony Gormley

This is the archived site from 2008, see the 2012 site for the most recent auction.

  • “Grand Central - 16/12/00 2.30pm” by Ann-Marie LeQuesne
  • “Little Clearing 3” by Antony Gormley
  • “Sketch for Essex Road” by Banksy
  • “Man On Horse” by Billy Childish
  • “Fares Fair” by Bob and Roberta Smith
  • “Stage” by Catherine Yass
  • “London's Dreaming” by Chris Orr
  • “Nude #4 (Marlene)” by Colin McMaster
  • “mr potatoe head menaces the embodiment of british womanhood” by Geraldine Swayne
  • “Gitte Bisness” by James Boswell
  • “CNPD Back Catalogue” by James Cauty
  • “Up They Rise” by Jamie Reid
  • “Sitting on the Fence is Strictly Prohibited” by Jeremy Deller
  • “Heartbeat” by JoWonder
  • “The Birds” by Marc Quinn
  • “Fisherman” by Mark Hammond
  • “Prisoner - Basra 1991” by Michael Peel
  • “Creux de L'Enfer” by Mona Hatoum
  • “We Shall Overcome - or Something Similar” by Not Banksy
  • “A Real Allegory” by Olivier Richon
  • “Russian Icon” by Peter Kalkhof
  • “Photo-Op” by Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillipps
  • “Butterfly on King George III Statute Paper from 1786-1788” by Pure Evil
  • Ralph Steadman
  • “Free For All” by Richard Hamilton
  • “Autumn Scene - A Portrait of the Artist in After-life” by Richard Niman
  • “London Gone” by STOT21stCplanB
  • “The Living Room (Curtain) (I)” by Sarah Jones
  • “Too much Art” by Simon Thompson
  • “Policy Posters” by The Assistant
  • “We each have a bullet with our name written on...” by Tracey Moberly